tidbyt jingles
all the way

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“Incredible. I get all giddy when I watch it. I’m really, really, impressed with what they’ve done. Stunning. Running out of positive adjectives here.”

— Mats Linander, Co-founder, Tidbyt

seismic raises
$22 million

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“Working from my project brief they were able to quickly scale their team to meet the creative and production needs of the project, including: location, copy, talent, video and VFX. They strike a productive balance of project management and impactful creative.”

— Chris Gadway, Seismic VP of Design

tilt five kickstarts
$1.7 million

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“They went above and beyond to help us write, refine and produce the promo video
and were very accommodating when we had creative input.”

— Jeri Ellsworth, Tilt Five Founder & CEO

negative promotes climate solutions with a smile

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“These guys blew us away with their commitment to the cause and their ability to deliver on an incredible vision of their own making. The end result was 100x better than anything I could have imagined. They pulled it off on a crazy short timeline and worked with us to meet our budget.”

— Tito Jankowski, Founder at Negative

crave vibes well
on kickstarter

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“True to their name, they really are friends and allies. They are fun to work with and they get shit done well. Doesn’t really get better than that!”

— Ti Change, Co-Founder at Crave

lumos helmet rides
into the apple store

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“My team and I came to the project with some ideas, but Richard’s ideas were better and so we went in his direction. I was super nervous about the project and we had a really tight timeline, but Richard worked super hard, and absolutely pulled it off. I was 11/10 happy with the result.”

— Eu-wn Ding, Lumos Founder & CEO

new holland
does national tv

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“They capture moments that elude others. Their stuff is just better. Combine that with a great attitude and strong work ethic, and you have a great production partner.”

— Mark Gale, CEO Charleston Orwig Agency