our friends call us

Let's be friends!

we believe in making things that we would want to watch.

We started working together to be an alternative to the “play it safe” cookie-cutter approach.

“can we do…?” YES, WE CAN.

Full service, in house. Extensive experience with all things ‘prep-to-post.’

Strong network. Our allies add their skill sets to make your project stronger.

what we do for friends

Understand your brand.

Dream up a fun thing.

Write it, fight it, rewrite it.

Find diverse faces.

Scout unique places.

Film it real good.

Edit it into greatness.

Add the bells + whistles.

friends… with benefits!

Call or text anytime.
You’ll have our numbers.
Reach out for any reason.

Our Rolodex is your Rolodex.
Just ask, we’ll make an intro to our PR and marketing partners.

Work you expect from friends.
We don’t do boring. We don’t do banal. What we do do is bold.

our friends

Winter, spring summer or fall — all you have to do is call. (These folks did!)

our allies

We’re not just here to make better videos. We’re here to make our community better, too.
We donate 1% of profits to local organizations doing critical work.

Sunrise Movement,
to fight for climate justice.

Showing up
for Racial Justice
to champion racial justice.

Electronic Freedom
to defend privacy online.